Benefits of Being a Chartered Financial Analyst


So, you are out of school or a graduate looking for some opportunity in the field of finance. Something that is recognized world over and could provide with a good playing ground to put your finance skills as work.

So, there’s something for you called as – The CFA degree!

To provide you with some background, CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. This degree is conferred by the CFA institute.

Are you the right kind of candidate for the exam?

So the passing % is hailed as low. Moreover depending upon you status, one can decide more appropriately-

You are a student – Go ahead, if some money and time can be dedicated.

A Finance Professional – This could act as a career booster. Financial strategist, research analyst etc are the other possible roles you can move in.

Some other professional – The CFA can act as a complimentary title. You may be considered for higher/management roles.

What all is required to have that title?

  • Three level of rigorous exam
  • To take an oath of upholding code of ethics
  • Four years of professional investment experience


The characteristics associated with the CFA chartered holders-

  • Ethical professionals: They are trained to apply investment principles in an objective fashion.
  • Global network: This community is spread across the world in some 130+ countries.
  • Real expertise: In the domain of investment they are the top notch people.
  • Privilege of waiver: Some 19 countries provide waiver of eligibility to hold the license required by the country’s law for investment professionals.