Functions of Production Planning and Control Department


Production Planning and Control have a very crucial role to play in the success of any organization. Production Planning simply means planning of production or manufacturing modules in an organization which involves proper allocation of activities for employees, raw material and production capacities in order to serve the customers well while ensuring profit for the […]

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How to Become a Green Belt Auditor


A Six Sigma Green Belt auditor works under the supervision of a six sigma Black belt or a six sigma master black belt. He is responsible for problem solving and analysis of all the project related aspects. He assists his seniors the tackling the problems and loopholes within the project. To become a six sigma […]

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Various stages of Production Planning and Control | IACT Global

IACT Global

If you wish to acquire mastery over production, planning and control, you must know about it in detail. IACT Global training provides the detail study about the the process of production, planning and control which comprises of four stages. These will be discussed in detail as below: Routing: This first step consists of determining the work […]

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