Scope of Rural Marketing


When the cities are saturated market moves to villages. No… No… This is not any theory nor any concept, a simple calculation that may decide the evolution of marketing. Yes!  In the era of technology shift, the market is also shifting to the far-flung hinterlands. As most of the population of our country lives in rural areas, any market cannot gain full benefit until it reaches till the last person of the society. Understanding the depth of the issue, Rural Marketing term was introduced, which has now revolutionized the field of marketing. Read more here-

The purchasing power of the rural mass has increased in the recent years which have been adding fuel to the benefits of the market. Seeing the numerous possibilities companies are now looking toward rural markets as the emerging growth avenue. The concept of Rural Marketing is growing as the marketers have realized the potential and opportunities in this sector recently.

Having the knowledge of Rural Marketing can prove highly beneficial in a country like ours as most of the area here falls under the same if we leave few of the metropolitan cities. This certainly affects the lives of people and provides bigger revenues in the country.

How to classify rural marketing in Indian economy?

Rural marketing can be classified under following two categories-

  1. Consumer goods market – comprise of both durable and non-durable goods
  2. Agricultural inputs market- fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc.


Who will be benefitted with this program?

All the people associated with ground marketing such as Product / Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Analyst and others can take the advantage of this course to build a strong grip over the benefit in their respective businesses. People with interest in Rural marketing can equally be benefited with the course. Middle managers from the non-marketing background who support the marketing activities would also find the program relevant.

Objectives of the program-

The main objective of the program is to analyze the immense opportunities into rural marketing and explore it’s potential. The course helps you to design better marketing plans and teaches you how to bring them on the ground effectively? Data processing, market segmentation, targeting, positioning are the other key features of the course.

At iACT Global we bring you a whole idea of the rural marketing in the package of Rural Marketing course, which provides you the in-depth understanding of various concepts, benefits and challenges of rural marketing and how to go successfully doing it.