Business Fundamentals For The Rehabilitation Professional


In case you are a health care professional, looking for changing your health care practice into a lucrative business, you have a long way to go. You need to be aware of the Business Fundamentals for the rehabilitation professional. The world of business is continuously changing and you must be updated with the latest information […]

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Manufacturing Methods in Six Sigma


Six Sigma is a way to improve the quality and processing of a business system. This is a set of techniques which was introduced by Bill Smith, a mechanical engineer at Motorola, in the year 1986. Use of Six Sigma as a business strategy was started in 1995 by Jack Welch, since then it is […]

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Scope of Rural Marketing


When the cities are saturated market moves to villages. No… No… This is not any theory nor any concept, a simple calculation that may decide the evolution of marketing. Yes!  In the era of technology shift, the market is also shifting to the far-flung hinterlands. As most of the population of our country lives in […]

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How Production Planning and Control Improves The Performance of An Organization?


Production Planning and Control system is the nerve of the manufacturing unit of an organization. The intensity of this system determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing; this also makes the process much economical. In production planning, the designing of the product and the process of production is finalized and implemented. Production planning and […]

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Various stages of Production Planning and Control | IACT Global

IACT Global

If you wish to acquire mastery over production, planning and control, you must know about it in detail. IACT Global training provides the detail study about the the process of production, planning and control which comprises of four stages. These will be discussed in detail as below: Routing: This first step consists of determining the work […]

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