The Importance of Brand Heritage As a Key Performance Driver in Marketing Management


This comes as part of the corporate brand identity. The brands having some heritage characteristics tend to attract more of interest. Although effect on the value created for customer and the way consumers behave if analyzed could help improve the corporates to leverage its use.  The forces that help moving and the apt conditions can be further studied.

Especially in luxury industry the customers are well aware of the origin and heritage. If we go a bit more into the technical analysis part based on a structural modeling approach the following are the perceived values-

  • Economic value
  • Functional Value
  • Affective Value
  • Social Value

Moreover as per a paper by Klaus Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennings etc. The results also supported the assumption of consumer’s pursuit for authentic brands with an earnest history. Also the issue of brand heritage and the way in which the past, ongoing and the future events fuse to craft the brand image is gaining prominence.

Brand earlier was something that had made its presence felt since generations. The longevity dimension and a feature of integrity, know-how and decades of proven experience were looked for. Now the scenario is a bit changed – Brands like Google, Amazon and Apple are considered to have heritage. Even the time element had gone in a turnaround; once upon a time the brands took a couple of centuries or at least few decades to be able to get renowned. Now the same is reduced to some years.

So prima-facie, you cannot ignore the ‘brand factor’ in running any of the organizations. And the organizations cannot ignore the people who could help them in maintaining that brand value. So here a certification could help the potential seekers trying to make career in this emerging field.

The brands with extensive histories even vanished. Taking the case of Kodak and Ilk tells that losing relevance and turning boring would make you out of the market space.

The key is also to innovate. Let’s take the case of Volkswagen, in their own words– They ‘totally screwed up’ by sticking to the old technology. Even the merger of Apple and Hermes didn’t prove to be a success. The loyal clientage of the apple also forgot its brave heritage.

Taking the example of Lego can help to gain some edge in evoking brand heritage. It did the same by rekindle the childhood fancy something which is very integral to human experience.

So here comes an opportunity if you do some SWOT analysis. Earning a certificate will help you improve the chance of landing up in the shoes of a ‘Brand manager’. You can login to our website to check the details and can avail some assistance in taking up this course.

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